Bad Breath Causes

Have you ever been talking to somebody and I thought occurred to you that maybe your breath was bad. There’s nothing worse than talking to somebody and having that thought, isn’t there?

There are many different possible causes of bad breath. One of the main reasons people have bad breath is they don’t practice good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least two times a day (and three times better), flossing at least once a day, and scraping your tongue or cleaning your tongue once a day is the best way to fight bad breath.

Another reason people have bad breath is the kind of food they eat. When food particles break down in your mouth, (because your saliva begins the digestive process) that can cause an odor. Sometimes it’s just a food that you’re eating that contain a volatile oil. Like garlic, or onions. And when these foods are digested the oils are absorbed into your bloodstream. As they travel through the blood they go to the lungs where these oils are exhaled, until you’ve completely eliminated them from the body. A meal with garlic or onions can cause bad breath up to 70 some hours after you’ve eaten them.

Dentures. You should clean your dentures every night. Take them out, put them in cleaning solution overnight and in the morning rinse them off, give them a gentle brushing with the proper brush and then put them back in. Also use fresh adhesive, every time you put your dentures in.

Having a dry mouth can cause bad breath. Your saliva helps to moisten your mouth, which helps to clean your mouth. When your mouth is dry, dead cells gather inside your cheeks, on your gums and on your tongue. These cells can decompose and cause an odor. That bad morning breath is caused from dry mouth. Your mouth naturally dries out during sleep. So when you wake up in the morning first thing drink a nice big glass of fresh water.

Using tobacco products is a leading cause of bad breath. Smoking dries out your mouth, which causes odor and smokers also are more likely to suffer from periodontal diseases.

Severe dieting can cause bad breath. Ketoacidosis happens during severe diets, ketoacidosis is what happens when chemicals break down during fasting and can cause an unpleasant fruity smell.

Now that you know some of the causes of bad breath, you can begin to examine which of these may be happening for you and take some steps to make changes that will help you eliminate your bad breath. Go ahead and right now, think about these questions. Do I have dry mouth in the morning? Do I brush my teeth at least twice a day every day? How often do I floss? Do I eat a lot of onions and garlic? Do I clean my dentures? Answering these questions can help you find a solution to your bad breath problem.