Curing Bad Breath

Trying to find a cure on the Internet can be overwhelming. There’s tons of advertisers with products that are guaranteed to cure your bad breath. There’s everything from medications to sprays and even devices. The question is, do you need it? Does curing your bad breath have to be so complicated enough to get a product? I found a solution for myself with a little bit of research and educating myself and some experimentation. I think you can too.

Many people say that you can cure your bad breath by improving your oral hygiene. I highly recommend it. And for some people it’s as easy as that. However, if you brush your teeth six times a day, and you still have bad breath, you need to do something different. Have you ever heard that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth? Believe it! Even though dogs don’t brush their teeth, the dog’s mouth has a different type of bacteria than we do. Did you know, you’re more likely to get an infection from a human bite than a dog bite? My point is that the bacteria in humans mouth can cause all sorts of problems including bad breath and periodontal disease, and periodontal disease can lead to more bad breath. So, good oral hygiene helps keep your teeth clean, helps your teeth last longer, and helps you keep your breath fresh.

Now, not only does good oral hygiene mean brushing at least twice a day, it also includes flossing your teeth and cleaning your gums, your tongue, and inside your cheeks. There are many little spaces and cracks inside our mouth that bacteria love to grab onto and settle into. And once the bacteria find that little crack or crevice they start to feed on leftover particles of food. Have you ever looked at your tongue and noticed that yellow coating? That is plaque and that is the byproduct of the bacteria feeding on the food particles left in your mouth. So there’s more to cleaning your mouth than just brushing your teeth. You also need to clean off your tongue inside your cheeks.

If you’re keeping good oral hygiene, and you’re still suffering from bad breath, you might want to see your dentist. One of the biggest reasons that people visit the dentist is to find out how to cure bad breath. Your dentist can help you with this. Not only checking to see if there’s some other condition perhaps periodontal disease that’s causing your bad breath, they can also give you tips on how best to clean your teeth, how to floss and how to brush or clean your tongue. And it’s always a good idea to see your dentist every six months for a good cleaning anyway.

There are other potential causes for bad breath, including sinus problems, infections or problems in your digestive tract. Your dentist can help isolate some of these conditions, but if not, you may want to see a doctor.

Make sure you get the right advice. Before you send away for a bunch of products, try some of these simple cures. If that doesn’t help check with your dentist or talk with your hygienist. They can give you great steps to take to beat your bad breath. Curing bad breath isn’t complicated, you just need to do your part to find the right solution for you.