Your Stomach and Bad Breath

Did you know that your mouth is part of your digestive system? Did you know that your digestive system can be the cause of your bad breath? That’s right, not the food that we eat, but how food is digested can be the cause of bad breath.

There are also some specific foods that cause bad breath. Of course there’s garlic and onions and other foods that have powerful tastes and can give us a temporary case of bad breath. And that can usually be fixed with a breath mint or some gum or brushing your teeth.

Lactose Intolerance

One of the main food groups that can cause bad breath because of stomach problems are dairy foods, milk and cheese. It’s not their fat content, either. It’s that your stomach cannot digest these types of foods very well. Those that have this problem may be deemed lactose intolerant. If you know that you’re lactose intolerant, and you have bad breath, and you do eat dairy products, then this can be the cause of your bad breath.

The problem with lactose intolerance or stomach problems in general, is that carbohydrates, fats and proteins are digested slower than normal and so these proteins are available to the bacteria in your mouth and elsewhere for longer periods and can cause bad breath.

Low Intestinal Flora?

Bad breath can also be an indication that the bacteria in your intestines are low. If you have good oral hygiene and use mouthwash, and you still have bad breath, then that could indicate you have a problem with your intestinal bacteria. In this case it’s not the bacteria in your mouth that are the cause of bad breath. It’s rather the bacteria in your stomach and your gut. We refer to these as intestinal flora.

These bacteria often get low when you’re taking antibiotics. If you notice bad breath during or after taking antibiotics, you may want to look into restoring those bacteria in your gut with supplements or even just yogurt. Without the proper amounts of bacterial flora, your food is not fully digested, and in that case it putrefies in the colon and that produces a foul gas, which can cause bad breath.

Food can remain putrefying in your gut for years, and if that’s the case a lot of mucus is created by your body to encapsulate the toxins in the putrefying food. If you think that’s what is happening, you may want to consider some sort of a cleansing or a fasting process to completely clean out your digestive and eliminatory tracts.

Fasting and Dieting

People that went on the Atkins diet, which is a high protein diet and high-fat diet sometimes had bad breath. This is because of the process of ketosis where your body is burning fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates. During the Atkins diet, especially the induction phase you eat very little carbohydrates. The ketones, which are produced by ketosis, have an odor that is released through saliva and urine. Some have referred to this odor as “sickly sweet.” If you are doing the Atkins diet properly this is actually an indication that the diet is working. One way to solve your bad breath problem during the Atkins diet is to drink plenty of water, especially between meals. This will dilute the ketones.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to bad breath. Your stomach, as part of your digestive system, and even some of your other organs, if they are not functioning properly, can lead to bad breath. If you’re practicing excellent oral hygiene as I’ve outlined in a few other articles and you’re still having your bad breath problems you may want to consult with your doctor about some other possible causes.