The cleaning of our teeth, is no longer exclusively for professionals, but brands are decidedly committed to an oral cleaning that can be done comfortably at home. And we will provide you with all the information so you can make the best purchase, for which we offer you the following comparison of dental irrigators …

We show you below the necessary information to know which is the best waterpik dental flosser of the market.
Water Flossers are dental cleaning devices with water that are very suitable to carry out an adequate routine of oral health.

It is a machine that applies a jet of water with great force and is applied to teeth and gums, achieving better hygiene of our mouth.

What is the best Waterpik Flosser in the market?

To achieve a perfect oral hygiene, the domestic use of a good jet of water can make a difference. Learn with us how to choose the best market model by comparing the most important characteristics that these products should have.

Top 3 Waterpik Flossers Reviews

The Waterpik Wp 900 dental irrigator is the top model of Waterpic, a high-end model that can be understood as a dental cleaning center and the most complete solution for an adequate hygiene of the mouth.

The Waterpik brand started the commercialization of oral irrigators with the Wp70 model , its most basic model.

Subsequently, the Waterpik Wp100 dental water pressure cleaner was brought to market, which considerably improved the previous one in terms of design.

Attending to market needs, he later launched the Wp 300 model, which was designed to be an irrigator that could be easily transported on any trip. Comfortable, practical and simple.

1. Irrigator Waterpik Wp 900 Complete Care

The Irrigator Waterpik Wp 900 is a model, larger than the previous models of dental water brushes, which is designed to be used regularly in your home and that can be used by all members of the family.

Characteristics of Wp 900
The Wp900 is a gum cleaner that has the capacity of 10 levels of water pressure, which will be able to adjust the pressure to the needs of each member of the family.
For example, for those who have braces, braces or braces, it will be necessary to wash thoroughly in order to have good pressure.

If it is about cleaning gums and teeth, the water pressure needed is lower.

One of the advantages of this model of dental cleaning device is that it incorporates both oral irrigator and electric toothbrush with two heads.
The toothbrush can be easily loaded in the base of the device, it is not necessary to charge it a lot (at least once every fifteen days) and with LED indicator that warns us of the state of the battery.

It also has 5 nozzles or cannulas for the irrigator (plastic device where the water is expelled) and 2 heads for the toothbrush .
Two of them can be used by two people for daily use.

Then it has a mouthpiece to clean the gingival bags, that is, between the inside of the gums and the surface of the tooth, another for orthodontics and a last one for hard-to-access plates.

The nozzles are easy to change and above all to use: they can be rotated up to 350 degrees so that the cleaning is better and more effective.

Capacity stocking or water is 700 ml .No is the largest market but is sufficient to clean 90 seconds, perfect for good dental cleaning.
According to the manufacturer, the Waterpik 900 Irrigator removes up to 99% of the plaque we create in the oral cavity .

It greatly improves the health of the gums in people who may suffer from diseases such as periodontitis (bacterial infection that severely affects the teeth and can cause them to move) or gingivitis (inflammation of the gums as a result of bacteria)

The Waterpick Wp9000 includes in a single device both irrigator and toothbrush.

The Toothbrush is sonic , that is, it is a brush with about 30,000 movements per minute, which means that with an adequate use, it has a better cleaning, applicable to areas that normally brush bristles do not touch. two speeds for brushing.
The irrigator uses the water output by frequency pulsations and is not excessively noisy and easy to use.
It also comes with a practical and useful vanity case to carry the toothbrush in case of travel along with two heads.

2. Irrigator Waterpik Wp70

The Wp 70 model is the most economical homemade dental irrigator in the range, but it covers a lot as a basic pressure dental cleaner, without requiring more special solutions in cases of certain diseases or dental appliances.
Perfect to improve your health and oral cleaning.

This oral irrigator, is not travel , but to keep it fixed in our house, which also has a hardware to anchor it to the wall .

It is the most basic version but not exempt of quality and good design, since it counts among other specifications:

Water pressure control through which you can regulate with 6 positions , to block or release water.
4 cannulas: standard, lingual and pik pocket
Water tank capacity: 1 liter
The best : value for money
To improve : Its noise
If you do not want to spend a lot of money when buying an oral irrigator, or you are beginning to experiment with this type of mouth-piece, it can be perfect, and also a trusted brand.

Waterpik WP 70 vs Ultra WP 100?

Both have similar characteristics, but the Wp 70 has a less powerful motor (and yet more noise than the Waterpik Ultra WP 100 , quieter and more compact) and the power is regulated manually.

3. Waterpik Irrigator Ultra WP100

If you want to have good dental hygiene and you do not like dental floss, it is best to buy a dental irrigator.

On this occasion we propose one of the best oral irrigators on the market in relation to quality price: the Waterpik Irrigator Ultra WP100 .

It does not include a toothbrush or is portable, but it perfectly fulfills the functions of every irrigator: clean and clean your teeth and is perfect for use at home.
It is a mouth irrigator, compact design, to leave at home, with space in the bathroom and that can be used by the whole family, especially indicated for the cleaning of bacterial plaque and improve gingival health.
Features of Waterpik Irrigator Ultra WP100
Water pressure regulator with up to 6 positions (from 0.7 to 6.2 bar)
Includes 7 cannulas: including one for cleaning the tongue and other specific for orthodontic care.
Tank capacity of 1000 ml.
Measures: 17.8 x 22.9 x 15.2 cm
Weight 1.4 kg
Indicated in cases of orthodontics, implants or crowns, diabetics or people with periodontal disease
Opinions about Waterpik WP100
The main opinions of the Waterpik Irrigator Ultra WP100 go in the sense of qualifying it as one of the best dental irrigators for its price-quality ratio. Powerful and easy to use.

Most of its users give a rating of 4,4 of 5 stars of Amazon. You can click for more information in the following link …

Shopping guide

What is a dental or oral irrigator?

They are oral cleaning devices, which are easy to use by any member of the family, and which perfectly complement the daily cleaning that can be done with toothbrushes (those of a lifetime, or the most modern electric) .

Along with the use of the electric toothbrush, the dental or oral irrigator, removes the batteries from our dental plates and gums, reducing the bacterial plaque, and removing the tartar.

With its proper use, it can prevent cavities and eliminate the breath, as well as the small spots of our teeth.

Thanks to its easy use in areas of the mouth difficult to access, it is highly recommended for those people who wear braces, bridges or dental implants, easily removed from those areas the remains of meals.

When it comes to having a healthy mouth, we usually make use of a toothbrush, mouthwash or even dental floss.

Then you also visit the dentist to do oral cleansing. Well, that same principle is the one that is pursued with oral irrigators, by means of which, through pressure, teeth and gums are cleaned, and it has become a habitual device in our bathroom.

Benefits of the Dental or Oral Irrigator

With a dental hygienist, fundamentally better hygiene of our mouth is achieved .

The oral irrigation is useful for any person, but will be especially beneficial to those needing cleaning implants or orthodontic appliances.

With a faucet irrigator, placed in the bathroom, as these devices are popularly known, it is possible to considerably reduce the infections and inflammations that can cause gum infections and inflammations.

Thanks to the use of oral irrigation and oral hygiene, supplemented with traditional daily dental cleaning, oral health can be considerably improved.

There is also talk of oral irrigators for teeth whitening , but this must be taken with caution.

The teeth lose their whiteness over time, and this can be delayed with proper oral health, by brushing daily or using a dental pressure water cleaner to eliminate food waste between our teeth.

A bad oral cleaning, consuming tobacco or other products such as coffee or wine, or the simple passage of years (from the age of 50, the teeth become yellow due to the aging of our teeth too) leads to a progressive loss of coloration of the tooth , hence the importance of proper hygiene with the daily use of dental cleaning devices.

In any case, oral irrigators can help to prevent stains on our teeth, but for a complete whitening of our teeth, it is better to go to the dentist who will assess the necessary dental treatment or if it is necessary to resort to other techniques such as the porcelain veneers or covers.

Prevention and control of oral diseases .

An adequate dental cleaning in our day to day is fundamental for our health. Not taking care of our mouth, it can increase the risk of more or less serious diseases (caries, oral pains, inflammation of the gums or cancer of the oral cavity or oropharynx) or more expensive dental treatments such as endodontics , orthodontics or dental implants .

Neglecting oral health increases the risk of pain or illness.

Cleaning modes

The ways of cleaning possible thanks to an irrigator depend on how the water is supplied (or mouthwash) and are important to consider because they influence the cleaning result that can be achieved.

The irrigator is, in fact, a device designed to complete oral hygiene , since it is capable of removing plaque, bacteria and dirt from the narrow spaces between the teeth, as well as the tooth surface and the space between the teeth. gums and teeth, thanks to its jets of water.

Regarding the gums, if used with moderate power, the water jet also has a particularly beneficial effect on the gums, since it massages and revitalizes the circulation.

It must be pointed out that this instrument does not replace the electric toothbrush , and that it is especially useful for those who can not handle dental floss correctly, for those who have prostheses, orthodontic appliances or misaligned teeth: all those cases in which this device can be very effective and useful.

Going back to the different cleaning modes , you will find the following:

Water jet : the delivery of a simple jet of water under pressure is the most common method of cleaning devices currently on the market and is able to eliminate all food waste trapped between the tooth and the tooth, as well as help eliminate the plaque and bacteria from the gingival sulcus.
Water and air jet : this mode sees the integrated use of water and air particles (purified by a special filter), useful in the removal of bacteria from above and below the gingival edge, also eliminating food waste from the most narrow.
“Special” mode : some models have special cleaning programs in which the duration and intensity of said water, or water and air, are already predefined for specific cleaning methods such as gum care or interdental cleaning.


Features of Water Flosser

Pressure Adjustment

The selectable intensity levels are the second decisive aspect for the identification of the best irrigator that suits your oral hygiene needs and it is only the adjustment of the jet, since the possibility of choosing the power and the delivery mode allows the device is more versatile and effective for different types of cleaning.

Specifically, the adjustment of the jet can be achieved through several possibilities , which are described below:

Individual jet : also called “dental shower”, consists of a continuous stream of water, like a shower function.
Multijet : Instead of delivering a single continuous stream, this option allows you to eject a variable number of intermittent jets, a very useful way to clean the most difficult spaces more efficiently, or insist if there are persistent food residues. In fact, there are models that allow you to choose between two or three jets one after another, or other devices that deliver continuous intermittent jets.
Adjustment of the intensity : based on the sophistication of the device, there are models with rings that allow you to adjust the intensity of the supply according to your preferences and the cleaning you want to perform.
The most efficient models are those with network power that allow you to choose between 10 degrees of water jet. On the contrary, the less powerful models, which correspond to models with internal battery, generally do not allow such intensity selection .


The structure factor goes hand in hand with the cleaning mode in terms of importance, since it is an element that completely characterizes the practical and daily use of the energy of the water driven and that really makes a difference in the choice of a model.

There are three parameters to consider in relation to the structure of the dental irrigator and in the following three paragraphs we explain in detail what should be taken into account before identifying which product can really meet your expectations and needs.


The first characteristic to take into account is the actual size of the structure : in the market we find different types of products, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

The first typology is that of the “fixed” irrigators , that is, a fairly large structure, which includes a support for the external and very large deposit, and a support for the handle thereof. This type is the ideal option for intensive and frequent use , perhaps by more than one user, since it can offer continuous and very high performance.

Keep in mind, however, find the right arrangement for the product: you can choose to place it in the sink or mount it on the adjoining wall, but always remember to calculate a distance appropriate to the length of the cable that connects the base with the irrigator, which is fixed and partially limits the freedom of movement.

For those who have little space available, or for those who do not think about using it too often or do not make familiar use , it is better to choose “portable” models , with a compact structure that integrates the tank inside the handle and provides a small base of cargo.

These devices are perfect for anyone who wants total freedom of movement, since they have a wireless operation and therefore do not depend on the length of the cable.

Remember that, as we will see in detail in the section dedicated to the power factor, the models with larger structures are also those that offer a network feeding system equivalent to a higher performance in terms of water jet power and intensity selection. with which it is supplied.

Deposit Capacity

In view of the nature of the dental operation, it is very important to evaluate the capacity of the tank containing the supplied water to ensure a comfortable and practical use.
In the market you will find models with a very compact structure that often integrate the tank into the same handle of the dental appliance, with a capacity of less than 100 ml, up to a maximum of 165 ml .

The models characterized by a larger structure with external deposit , on the other hand, can contain from 300 to more than 1000 ml of water or mouth rinse, standing, for example, as an ideal option for large families or for anyone who wants Use large amounts of liquids in cleaning.

Therefore, depending on the number of people who will use the device (especially if they are going to use it one after the other, maybe in the morning before going to school or work or at night before going to bed), choose a model with a tank large enough to not have to fill it too often.

Nozzle compartment

The type of voluminous oral irrigators, that is, those with a larger base with a fixed handle and connected to it, can offer in some cases also the great advantage of the presence of a compartment to collect the different nozzles. This possibility is almost always excluded from the wireless models, which at most may include a support placed on the same base and used to store only one additional nozzle.

Power supply

The feeding mode is a factor that influences other characteristics of its performance, the frequency with which it should be used and the practicality of use, so it is important to evaluate it with some caution.

There are three types of power supply that are the following:

Electrical network : this is the case of the “fixed”, powered by an electrical outlet and capable of being used at all times and also for long sessions, thanks to a good power supply. A long battery life is also useful because this type of energy for cleaning teeth usually includes large capacity deposits. The advantage of these models is that they offer more power and are not in any way subject to a gradual loss of performance, while the disadvantage is that they take up more space and less freedom of movement.

With internal battery : these models are formed by a small load base in which there is still the handle of the irrigator, equipped with a battery inside. This, of course, can be of various types, such as lithium-ion or Ni-MH , and therefore offers a range of operating and charging times and a more or less advantageous performance. The best case would be a lithium battery model with a charge time less than half or, better yet, a quarter of the battery life. The advantage of these models is undoubtedly the freedom of movement and the limited space occupied, on the other hand we have the dependence on the autonomy / recharge times, a power that will probably be less or less customizable than the models with cable and the reduced capacity of the deposit .

They work with batteries : buccal shower devices of this type are much less extended than other types and are designed for trips or sporadic uses . They usually have two or three needle cells (AA) and work less well than the other two types mentioned above.
The last decisive factor when choosing the irrigator is the number of nozzles supplied at the time of purchase, an element that should not be underestimated since having several nozzles , as we shall see, has several advantages .

In fact, in the market you will find models that include only one mouthpiece, or others that, on the contrary, include from 2 to 4, representing the ideal choice for those who have to make a familiar use of the device, but also for those who want use it alone, and you already want to have spare nozzles, so you do not have to face an additional expense on spare parts.

As for the accessories , we remind you that there are irrigators in the market that, in addition to one or more nozzles, incorporate other components that can be mounted on the handle and perform another type of cleaning, thus increasing the versatility of the device.

This is the case of products that include, for example, tongue cleaning nozzles or fixed prostheses or classic toothbrush heads.

Best brands

Our advice is always to choose recognized and reliable brands as this guarantees a greater presence of assistance in the post-sale phase, if necessary to repair the device, find a service center or for any other case where necessary.

In addition, the trust in known and well-known brands is also, as mentioned above, a success in terms of the quality and safety of the materials used for the production of the irrigator.

Among the leading brands in the sector are certainly Waterpik and Braun , with its very popular Oral-B line, which not only produces individual irrigators but also models integrated with the electric toothbrush.

Then come Philips and Panasonic that, instead, focus on models that do not include a toothbrush, but that are distinguished by their very compact structures, ideal for those who want a model that is not too heavy. Hangsun is also well known in the sector.
Oral B and Waterpik are the most recognized brands of dental irrigators, but there are also other brands such as Panasonic , which have also positioned themselves in the market with good products.

Leading brand of dental hygiene, Oral B, offers a wide variety of prices and models, with and without electric toothbrushes.

Likewise, Waterpik, is leader in the sector of oral irrigators . It is a company more specialized in this type of devices and products, and with different prices and models of water brush, also.

With previous comparison, you can see the best irrigators of both brands, as well as different types ..